Flying to Neverland

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To all who come to Mara’s thoughts, welcome.

If you are ever feeling depressed or even just sad, think of this:

People say it gets better. People say you’ll get through it, your strong; people say they love you. People say you are worth it, that you are so loved.

Well that never helps me. When I’m in a depressed state of mind, I negate all of that stuff. But once I step out of it and push the depression away, I realize that all of that was true. People say a lot of things, but when you’re depressed it’s hard to believe them. You really have to go deep in yourself to figure it out. Yeah, maybe you can’t see anything getting better in that current moment. But you never know if it will get better unless you just keep going.

I’ve almost given up twice this year, and the only thing that really pulled me out of it was thinking about the future. Today sucked, so did yesterday, the week, the month, whatever.  I moved on because I knew I had a Disney trip planned, graduation, college, etc. And you know what? I graduated high school, and I have never been in a healthier mental state. So yeah, it does suck in the moment. And it does take a long time to pull through. But when you do, you feel so good :)

I focus on myself now, being healthy and happy. Because I know that I really am strong enough to pull out of any depressed situation I find my mind in.

and so can you.

I don’t like using “It gets better.” I follow the words of Walt Disney: