Flying to Neverland

 boarding the Casey Junior Circus Train If you can dream it, you can do it!* Hello there, my name’s Mara and welcome to a blog devoted to my love of Disney! You can check out my personal pictures from both Walt Disney World and Disneyland by clicking the links below. Have a magical day!!

Welcome to Mara Dreams Of Disney!

Mara? Why, that’s me!!!

I’m a Disnerd extraordinaire. I love everything about Disney, and have an ultimate goal of working for the company.

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I’m 19 years young and a BFA Theatre Studies major at Texas Christian University. I had a very long battle with depression for a while now, and I always tell myself to Keep Moving Forward. Here’s why you are worth it. If you’re struggling, watch this video. It will help. And know that if you ever need someone, I am here for you.

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Have a magical day. <3